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Liliflute Latin Teaching Tools Workshop

Designed specifically for future

Flute Teachers

Liliflute Latin Studio Workshop

1. Play-along Week! - 2. Duets, trios, quartets - 3. Flute Choir discovery

Beginners to Intermediate

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Carmen Marulanda is creating new approaches to music teaching. Her innovative play-along flute methods, her exercises and pieces based on Latin American rhythms provide playful yet methodic alternatives to practice intonation, rhythmic stability, phrasing and general performance attitude.

Our educational books have been presented at the TLAFF - Toronto Latin American Flute Festival, Musikmesse in Germany, Dr. Cate's Flute Camp, the International Flute Symposium,  the New York Flute Fair, the Philadelphia Flute Day,  the Mid Atlantic Flute Convention, the Berklee Flute Association, Flootfire, the Canada Flute Convention and the Longy Conservatory in Cambridge, 2013. Our expanding catalog has been exhibited at many NFA Flute Conventions since 2012.

Positive feedback from students and teachers in the numerous workshops she has given throughout the U.S. confirm the progress and the joy of playing her methods strive to achieve.

                         Carmen's Flute Studio

All Newton Music School ANMS - Faculty

Lexington Musicians School - Teacher of the Month

Carmen is currently developing a methodical approach to Latin American Music and Dances, inspired by the Orff Schulwerk Approach, and her own extensive experience.  The goal: to enrich children's  sensitivity through the discovery of music from other cultures. 

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From the video, my former student Julie is practicing F major in a Rhumba Style. This is the second Concert we have done, and she loves it!
I am very satisfied with her rhythmical and technical progress.
Many thanks for her family support.


My son had been studying flute for four years in Paris, France, and when we relocated to Boston I was eager to find a flute teacher who would help him continue, and we got to meet Carmen. What a pleasure! Carmen has been teaching flute to my son for more than a year now (and we will continue next year) and I need to say that beyond her teaching capabilities, we appreciate her constant joy, freshness and passion that she is showing all the time. Carmen, we love you!

Natalie Simon


Carmen is an exceptional teacher. She is patient but encouraging, and she is gifted at teaching music. She has taught my son to decode written music, the dexterity of playing the recorder, and how to integrate those two skills so he can play beautiful pieces of music. Through this process, I have been impressed at how Carmen can identify a student’s strengths and guide them through the steps they need to take in the way that works most efectively for them. When something is not working, she has keen insight to identify the problem and she proposes strategies and exercises that truly work. In doing so, she keeps it fun while also giving a deep understanding of music. Overall, we have been truly delighted to have her as our son’s instructor. 

Adrienne Tierney

Carmen began last fall to teach her passion for the flute and playing and making music with my nine year old daughter.  My daughter is, for some, not the easiest kid to teach - especially if you ask her to sit still and listen and memorize.  A previous foray into music education was not fruitful.  Carmen, however, immediately and quite brilliantly captured my daughter's attention and continues to hold it.  This is no small feat, but also the technical progress that they have made together is quite shocking - how quickly Anara was able to pick up a piece of music and play it and even write her own music.  My older daughter (who plays the harp) is also amazed.  Most importantly to me, she has a growing love of the act of making music.  Carmen infuses the lessons with joy and it is contagious and motivating. 

I cannot recommend her enough.

                                                                  Zeyneb Magavi



Dr. Cate's Summer Flute Camp

Montgomery IL - July 2017

Thank you so much!

We loved having you as a guest at Dr. Cate's Flute Camp! Thank you for sharing your music with us and teaching us about different styles of songs and dances from South America. We loved working on the ensembles. Everyone learned something new, both the kids and the teachers. You helped make Dr. Cate's Flute Camp one of the best ever this year.

Cate Hummel

Flute Line

Workshop "Colombian sounds" 

Flute fire - Lexington MA - 2016

Berklee Flute Association -  2013-2014

Introducing her delightful methods, solos, and duos to our flute students, Carmen Marulanda presented a workshop that drew on her extensive expertise in Colombian musical styles, rhythms, and forms. As she led us through her original studies and compositions, we learned about Andean musical traditions, while honing skills in reading lively and often complex rhythms. Carmen was informative and entertaining - we thoroughly enjoyed her workshop!
Wendy Rolfe, D.M.A
Professor, Woodwind Department
Vice-President, Part-time Faculty, Berklee Faculty Union

Berklee College of Music

My daughter Léane has started learning flute with Carmen in 2019. She wasn’t a musician at all. Thanks to Carmen fantastic lessons she now plays traverse flute and has even started composing her own music! Carmen is a dedicated teacher who shares and communicates her passion for music to her students who have pleasure learning flute!

Emilie Chery

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