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Colombian composer and flautist Carmen Marulanda (b. Bogota, Colombia) was already familiar with the musical roots of her native country at a very young age. Her artistic and professional life expresses the deep influence of these rich traditions. As a child she learned the Colombian repertoire, playing flute with the school band; later she entered the State band, went to festivals throughout the country, founded her own ensemble, composed original music and won several important prizes.

After earning her degree in Music Education at the Pedagogical University of Colombia in 2001, Carmen taught music, conducted children’s ensembles and flute in the most demanding neighborhoods during the rural migrations in Colombia. She was appointed flute teacher at the Luis A. Calvo institute, an important academy in her native city, and was awarded the coveted Mono Nuñez award for best Colombian chamber music ensemble for her work as a composer, arranger and director, in 2003 with her chamber quintet Camaradería.

Carmen has had reviews of her methodical works at PAN, the Journal of the British Flute Society, Flutist Quarterly, the Aibú (Venezuela) and Todo Flauta (Spain) Magazines, she has been invited as a Guest artist and workshop Lecturer-performer at numerous Flute Conventions, including the International Low Flutes Festival, Mid Atlantic Flute Convention, the Firs Flute Convention in Canada with her "Duo Clave" ensemble (Flute+Tiple), the Toronto Latin American Flute Festival, the Berklee Flute Association (Boston), the Longy Conservatory, the New York flute festival, the Philadelphia Flute day, the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, The Dr. Cate's Summer Camp in Montgomery IL and the Flootfire Summer Camp in Lexington MA, to present her Books.

Carmen is based in the Boston area and among her compositional work, teaches private students. She earned her MD in Music therapy and is part of the Commercial Members Committee of the National Flute Association. 

             El Patasdilo, pasillo by Carlos Vieco

      Duo Clave, First Canadian Flute Convention 2013
      Fabián Gallón - Tiple

Chamber Compositions

"Madreselva" - Pasaje

for Alto Flute and Guitar

Commissioned by Noreen Friedman, 2021-22

"Piccs on the Peaks!"

for  Two Piccolos

The harmonies of a playful Milonga, Caribbean porro and Cumbia

brings you up and down, among side by side!

Commissioned by Flute Specialists, Inc 2022

"The Mountain, the Sea and the Caiman"

Andean and Caribbean Rhythms from Colombia

Commissioned by the Wayland School of Music, 2022

"Guinevere's Journey"

For the Amaranti Ensemble's project "Guinevere's Tale", 2020

Music edition available 

- Cucurucho - Torbellino- Camaradería ensamble - Audio

- El Tapao - Merengue Venezolano - Camaradería ensamble

- Ya Voló - Pajarillo - Chamber ensamble

-Scalattini 1,2,3 (2008) Flute and piano -Three small fantasies 

-The Unicorn Spirit - Piano solo

-Jaquie in Joropo - Flute and Piano-

Inspired by Jaques Ibert's concerto for flute and orchestra


Camaradería (2005)

Winner ensemble of the Gran Mono Nuñez prize 2003 in Colombia.
Flute, clarinet, viola, cello and tiple/cuatro All the arrangements for Camaradería pose the challenge of varied instrumental colors and genres. We chose a repertory of different rhythms and eras of traditional Colombian music, exploring combinations and learning each other's instrumental possibilities.

Ojo al toro:  Bambuco fiestero by Cantalicio Rojas, with great rhythmic precision and dense counter-subjects, this piece is delicious to play due to its syncopation and off-beat accents.

Chispas: Traditional Colombian pasillo by Miliciades Garavito Arranged in traditional style, Chispas requires great precision due to the speed and quantity of notes. As a melodic and countermelodic resource, it is juxtaposed with the Río Cali pasillo, showing the formal harmonic curve of this genre.

Santafereña:  Danza by Francisco Cristancho Each instrument plays the theme, achieving light textures with second voices, tiple strummings and pizzicato.

A un paisano:  Venezuelan waltz by Henry Martínez The original score for two mandolins is expanded for the Camaradería group, giving weight to the lower voices and lightness to the fast passages. Henry Martínez is one of today's leading composers in Venezuela.

Batuta Pre-orchestras (Orff ensembles - 2000-2004)

Carmen Liliana worked extensively in designing and arranging teaching materials for Batuta, the System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Colombia, whose pre-orchestras consist of soprano, alto and tenor flutes, metal rattles, xylophones, metallophones, percussion and voice.

The objective was to create an environment of musical knowledge, recreation, respect and socialization among the students.

The 31  pieces arranged by Carmen Liliana for this educational project focused on familiarity and accessibility. All the children played all the parts in rotation, sharing instrumental experience to facilitate a well-rounded knowledge.

-Autumn Leaves by Johnny MercerArrangement for band to teach beginner-level music reading, flute registers, performance and memorization.

-Sanjuanero by Carmen Marulanda brings rhithmical stability reading in 6/8 in the scale of G major with a bambuco party rhythm.


Trio Contratiempos 2005- (live recording)

Flute, tiple/cuatro and guitar
This group was formed with Iván Borda and Juan Miguel Sossa with the objective of performing works by contemporary Colombian composers. Appearances took place at the Monday Young Performers series at the Luis Angel Arango Library.

-Lilí, Bambuco by Carlos Gonzalo Guzmán
Namtik, Pasillo by Luis Carlos Saboya

Amo esta tierra - 2003 - (released on CD)

CD by singer Sandra Esmeralda RiveraFlute, tiple, cuatro, guitar and voice. With Ivan Borda (tiple), John Triana (guitar) and other soloists
XXIX Mono Núñez Grand Prize nomination, vocal category 2003 Invited to the XXVIII Festival Mono Núñez – 2002

Amo esta tierra, Bambuco by Leonardo Laverde; Arr. Carlos A. Guzmán
La llamita,  Bambuco by Gustavo Rengifo; collective Arr.

El Carrusel, Bambuco by Leonardo Laverde; Arr. Edwin Guevara 

Si quieres ser feliz, Peruvian waltz by Lucho Vergara; Arr. Iván Borda


Santa Clara - 2005 - (released on CD)

Flute, tiple, guitar, electric bass, drums, and various soloists

CD by composer/guitarist Ricardo Gómez
Invited to record and perform with the Trío Colombita in the Bogotá Library Network and with various instrumental formats at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.

-Sofía, Pasillo – Vs. Sofía Elena Sánchez/Oriol Caro
-Tabasco, Chorinho –  Vs. Juan Padilla

XXV National Band Festival at Paipa Boyacá, 1999 (released on CD)

Banda Sinfónica Juvenil de Cundinamarca   Winners of the Best Professional Band Award, under the direction of Maestro Florentino


-El Cumbanchero, Samba by Rafaél Hernández
-Adiós a Bogotá, Dance by Luis A. Calvo


Winners of the XXV Mono Núñez Festival

Unpublished Works - 1999

Flute, cuatro and bass

With Armando González, cuatro and Leonardo Gómez, composer and bass - (live recording - released on CD)

-La piedra en el zapato, Joropo por corrío y por derecho

CD of the XXIX Mono Núñez Prizewinners, Instrumental Category, 2003

Mono Núñez Grand Prize and Best Insrumental Group: Camaradería
CD of the XXIX Mono Núñez Prizewinners, Vocal Category - 2003
Nominated with singer Sandra Esmeralda Rivera

Jesús Emilio González Espinosa (1998, released on CD)

-Buscando un sueño, Bambuco

Cascabel (2005)

Navidad Colombiana, Navidad Cascabel!

CD album available

Flute, tiple, guitar, percussion and voice
This group was formed by Sandra Esmeralda Rivera (vocals), Jhon Triana (guitar) and Iván Borda (tiple) to perform Colombian Christmas music in Bogotá (Fundación Santillana, Museo de Arte Colonial: La Ruta del Pesebre). They released the CD Navidad Colombiana, Navidad Cascabel!, whose arrangements were created collectively. 

-Déjame niño hermoso,  Bambuco by Germán Bernal
-El duraznero, Bambuco by Jeremías Quintero
-Joropo para Maelo, Joropo by María Cristina Rivera
-Toma lo que te ofrecí, Gaita zuliana by Aldemaro Romero



Bachelor's Degree

Music Pedagogy

Pedagogic University of Colombia

Bogotá - Colombia, 2001

Composition and Baroque Music

IUDEM - El Sistema 

Caracas - Venezuela, 2006-2009

Master's Degree

Music Therapy

ISEP-Superior Institute of Psicological Studies, Barcelona - Spain, 2018

Caribbean and Ibero American Music

ASAB - Superior Academy of Arts of Bogota

Bogotá - Colombia, 1995 - 1996


Orff-Shulwerk - Level I  Teacher Training

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater, MA - USA 2015

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