Colombia is a tropical country in which Amerindian, Hispanic and African cultures converged, generating a phenomenon of intense cultural interaction throughout the centuries; this allowed our music and dances to develop great diversity as they settled into the different regions of the country. In our book we wish to highlight several important Colombian genres hoping this will help flutists rhythmic awareness and knowledge of genres grow stronger and richer.

Flutists will feel the benefits of playing with a piano and percussion accompaniments specially written to bring forth the various characters of Colombian styles. The interaction between flute and piano in these pieces aims to train proper musical reflexes, by gradually improving intonation, technique and musicianship.

This book is a selection of pieces from the Traversuras I-II series for C Flute. It aims to increase the performer's recognition of basic tonal harmonic regions, as it brings out the musical wealth offered by Colombia's musical diversity, making it accessible to flutists of all ages.

Traversuras for Bass Flute & Piano