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These three studies were created by Ignacio Ramos Cusaria, as an introduction to the basic elements of the Joropo style, the music of the great Orinoco basin, spanning Colombia and Venezuela. The genres treated here are the "Seis por Derecho", "Seis Numerao" and "Pajarillo", three of the most representative traditional pieces of Joropo.
Each one of these three studies focuses on specific musical elements: timbres, melodies, harmonic patterns, taken from the aforesaid genres. The studies were composed to be played solo and eventually with a traditional accompaniment included to download for paying along.
These pieces were designed as studies in color and palette, but mostly as an introduction to one of the lesser known styles of South American music.

Mp3 play-along to download (two first pieces only, in slow and fast tempo)

Three studes in Joropo Style

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