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Arranged commissioned for Flute Choir by Alaina Diehl and the North Shore Senior High School Flute Ensemble. Original for C flute trío.

Spider Dance is the story of a young spider that is learning to weave her first web.

As in everything else in life, it starts with an idea; she wonders how to reach that goal and feel the satisfaction of this project she wants so much!

After thinking,  she brings her innate skills to a technical process (fugato part),  propelling them into full action. She feels great and is enjoying it to the point of a brisk excitement, so much that she loses track of her own movements and gets tangled in her own web!  

"Jezzz! pishhH!!! do I free myself from this!”… she thinks ... slowly untangling the threads,  and then, _as in life_,   she gives a shake and a breath to restore herself, and then she is ready for the last stitch. Lesson learned and mission accomplished! 

Demo (original C fl trío)

Spider Dance - Flute Choir version

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