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"Haydn Tuyero, Chicharras, Galeones" (2000)
This fantasy for flute, English horn and Violoncello evokes the musical past of the provinces near Caracas, in which coffee and sugar-cane were farmed in haciendas. South of the capital city lies the Tuy river valley. The harp music of this region is famous for its Spanish Baroque roots, and the remarkably complex oral traditions still alive there suggest that there was great musical talent and practice among the settlers. One can still listen to pieces on a metal-stringed harp that remind us of Spanish harpsichord music, extremely complex suites far more elaborate than any other harp music of the Hispanic Americas.
This "musica ficta" fantasy surrounds a story I imagined with Francisco de Miranda (b. 1750) as the central figure. The forefather of Venezuelan Independence, who was also a good flutist and a charming casanovian character, made his Grand Tour of Europe with his flute, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and his gallant modern ideas, this after meeting the founding fathers of the United States on the East coast.

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