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Sonata in Three Movements.

The second Sonata for flute and piano in three movements, commissioned by Alexa Still, is a portrait of Venezuela and some of its music, in a special way.
It's the country I was born and raised in, and where I've lived most of my life, which makes it a self-portrait as well.
The most striking trait of music in Venezuela is its intensity, the relentless drive of the descendants of Iberian fandangos; the Afro-Venezuelan drumming, the dances, the strumming, the chanting. Never a dull moment, never a stretch of time without a rhythmic articulation or a riff. Music is in the onomatopoeic talent of the spoken word in Venezuela.
Paul Desenne.

Sonata for Fl&Pno - demo

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Flute and Piano Sonata

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