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The Clarinet Sonata was composed in 1997 for Venezuelan clarinetist Eloy Salgado.

The first movement was originally written for clarinet in A, the second in Bb and the third for bass clarinet in Bb. Here in this edition all three are scored for the regular Bb clarinet.

The third movement, nevertheless, can be played with the bass clarinet in Bb, the original low E flats in the score are indicated, and a short segment at the end of the movement is to be played an octave lower. These, relatively few, octave transpositions in the third movement are all included in the clarinet part.

Tácata is a small town in the central valleys of Northern Venezuela, the land of Tuyero music, which is an extremely lively, rhythmic genre, played with harp and maracas to accompany singers and dancers. The first movement “Tácata Tocata” celebrates the syncopated and exalted spirit of this music, but is by no means a transcription.

“Borges” pays homage to the Argentine writer of essays and fiction, and to the enigmas that seem to float in the atmospheres of Buenos Aires. The style of this movement is related to tango and candombe.

Aracataca is the birthplace of Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez. The music of his native culture, the cumbia, is celebrated here; a laid back, syncopated form of remarkable intensity.

The sonata is to be played throughout with a heightened sense of rhythmic precision, exact tempi and relentless energy.

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