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"The fish" is a nickname for a character who is always slipping away from the grasp of something terrible, who is forced to swim like a fish in all waters, not to run from his obligations, but to stick to his beliefs and to save his life. Historically, we could place him in Central Europe in the first half of the 20th century, but he was swimming long before that, in many other places and times, and he still swims today, escaping from pogroms, fascist mobs, militarization, totalitarian states, and the hunger that goes with them. He lives in a wagon or a tent; he rides an old bicycle with a little sack on his shoulder, his violin wrapped in some old trousers; he is rained on, he plays by the campfire. He boards a ship and leaves Europe before destruction. He reaches a port in America - North or South is the same at this point - and he continues playing.

Now it's a tango, but...where did all his friends and family end up? ... (continue at the back cover).

Stchúpak, the fish was commissioned by Jennifer Curtis and Vivian Weilerstein for the Yellow Barn Festival and for the Tres Américas Project, an adventure in music from the three Americas.

Stchúpak audio link

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Stchúpak the Fish - Piano Quartet

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